Most artists actively avoid working with an actual client to create a work of art -- they feel that it somehow "limits their creativity". I enjoy working directly with my clients on commissioned paintings, and meeting a client's particular requirements. In fact, rather than limiting creativity, I think this direct collaboration actually demands more! The images above show examples of commissioned work I typically do - portraits of loved ones, pets, particular landscapes, etc.

When doing commissioned work, we'll begin by establishing a contract to specify exactly what we're going to do, when, and for how much. We'll create a beginning description of your idea of the final product (purpose of the work, subject matter, size, color, mood, medium, etc.). Some of my clients know exactly what they want before we start, others do not. Some want to be deeply involved in the creation of the work, others turn me loose with only a rough idea. Either way, together we'll develop an image that will be exactly what you want. This beginning description will allow me to begin the work with a good understanding of the desired final product. There will usually be some changes as we go, to end up with the perfect image.

The process usually begins with one or more black and white charcoal or pencil compositional drawings sufficient to show you how your painting will be composed - what will be in the painting, where each element will be placed, how large it will be, etc. We'll work with this drawing until you're happy with it and approve it for the next step. (This review/approval process often takes place by email these days, and I sometimes do these compositional sketches digitally with a stylus and tablet.) When the basic composition is approved, I will usually do one or more color studies for review and approval before the final product is started. When you're happy with the color study, then I'll begin the final painting. Take a look at this example of this process for an actual commission.

I enjoy painting any subject matter. Most of my commissioned works are oil portraits (people, beloved pets, etc.), wildlife (all north American species), sporting scenes (fishing, hunting, skiing, climbing, hiking, camping, etc.), or landscapes of a particular area which are meaningful to my client. I particularly enjoy doing portraits, and guarantee an accurate likeness of the subject. It is helpful to work from life, but often due to the client's time constraints or distant location, it will be necessary to work from photos. I prefer to take my own reference photos, but will consider working from yours (pictures you've taken on that vacation last year, etc.) if taking my own is impractical or impossible (as in the case of a posthumous portrait). Before we begin, I'll review your reference photos, and give you an honest assessment of the likelihood of producing a great painting using your photos.

If you have that special image in your mind's eye that you've always wanted on the wall, or you've seen a "sold" work on this website that you'd like to have, please contact us to discuss a commissioned painting. We'll work together to ensure that you get just what you desire!