1. Work Description:

Subject Matter: An oil painting of Ben and his friend, talking together and riding their horses across an open area towards the viewer. A photo provided by Ben will be the reference for the figures and the horses. The background will be a scenic Wyoming background, with the Tetons and yellow fall aspens prominently visible behind the riders.

General Mood, Tone, or Method of Execution: The painting will be realistically rendered, with accurate depiction of the horses, and their coloration and markings, as best they can be perceived from the reference photo provided. The riders will also be accurately rendered, to the extent shown in the reference photo. Every effort will be made to make their faces accurate enough so that the riders are recognizable to any viewer who knows them.

General Color Scheme/Emphasis: sunny fall morning daylight, with warm direct light and cool shadows. Color will be slightly "pushed" to add interest and eye appeal.

2. Size/Media/Support:

Size: 20"x16"

Media: oil

Support: Belgian linen canvas mounted on rigid panel

3. Interim Work Products to be Delivered and Approved:

(1) One to three small pencil compositional and value sketches.

(2) One small color sketch.

4. Framing: Framing will be supplied by Artist, and will be a soft gold frame with relatively simple decoration in an approximate 4" moulding width.

5. Approximate Dates of Delivery:

(1) Small pencil/charcoal value sketch(es): September 1

(2) Small color sketch: September 25

(3) Final work: October 10

6. Price:

Final work: $3000.00, framed

Reproduction Rights: TBD, if desired

Packaging: (if it is shipped) reimbursable at actual cost*

Shipping/Postage: (if it is shipped) reimbursable at actual cost*

Insurance: (if it is shipped) reimbursable at actual cost*

WY sales tax: (if delivered in Wyoming) 6% of Final Work price

*If "at actual cost" is specified, Artist shall provide copies of receipts with his final invoice for reimbursement of these expenses.